Interviewee Evaluation Test

Interviews are inherently subjective – so much so that they can become counterproductive when making hiring decisions. How can the CHIRON system help you hire better candidates ?


10/27/20222 min read


On average, employers go through 2–3 interview rounds before choosing a candidate. The average employer typically interviews fewer than 10 candidates for one job position, and the average number of interviews per job is 2–3. Reliability of the interview is argued to often be low, in that interviewers do not follow the same methods of questioning or method of evaluating each individual interview.

Interviews tend to conflate two very different questions: “Would you want to work with this person?” and “Would this person be a good worker?” Interviewing a candidate may give you a helpful answer to the first question but frequently offers little insight into the second. In fact, a UC Berkeley professor’s experiment found that interviews predicted who would perform better on an exam only 56% of the time. So, what’s the problem?

It has been noted that interviewers support the end decisions on different criterias, different standards, and alter in the amount the final decision is based upon the original intended criteria (e.g., Graves, L.M. and Karren, R.J., 1996. The employment selection interview: A fresh look at an old problem. Human Resource Management 35, pp. 163-180. Cited By in Scopus (14)Timothy A. Judge, 2000: 384]).

As a matter of fact, research conducted by Industrial-Organizational psychologists has consistently shown pre-employment testing to be up to twice as predictive of job success compared to interviews. It seems interviewing an applicant simply fails to give you the whole picture and may even obscure it further. This is where CHIRON gets in:

We can help you design a tailored interview evaluation test, unique to your company. It is a pre-interview evaluation which comprises of a 30-minutes evaluation before the candidate goes for interview. The report we prepared is presented to the HR dept during the interview day. Fast service delivery required (1-week). All interview evaluation test will be conducted at the company HQ.

High value employee is not a hit or miss, it can be predicted from the first interview.

The Value Paradigm

The evaluation is conducted to gauge the candidate/interviewee response to various tasks, active or passive, relating to the self, the requirement of the work and perspective regarding the hiring company. The test is modular and can comprise of different standard or niche test which relates to the task being required from the interviewee (Emotion-based test, boredom, anger, empathy, motivation, enjoyment, anxiety/stress). What value do they provide?

A. IMMEDIATE: Provide hidden insights, information and trends about the candidate to interviewers to support/enhance/ [curate the interview experience] their decision-making process.

B. SHORT-TERM: The result of choosing the right candidates saves you resources in the short-run by preventing early quitting (1 year, especially after training).

C. LONG-TERM: The result of choosing the right candidates saves you resources in the long-run by ensuring there is higher employee loyalty.

At the moment of this writing, we’re still preparing the proposal and start initial testing. We are liaising with SIC to work out the first application of the Chiron system in their hiring process.

Potential related experiments in the same field:

1. Objectively support promotion interviews (HR-dept of big companies), to ensure there is minimal bias and ensures healthy competition is maintained.

2. Gauging employee loyalty and corporate perception (HR-dept of big companies), to ensure how likely is the employee to quit and switch to another company based on how they view their current company and work experience and environment.

We can assist you in designing an effective experiment integrating our monitoring process without 'removing the essence' of the process. The goal is to provide a comfortable and private environment for the monitoring sessions. The results should be precise without the need for bulky hardware and complex software. Any instructions can be edited into a video which is shown to the subject. Close-ended questions can be added in survey format to get real-time feedback for iterative improvement during the monitoring session. You can contact us for more information regarding experiment design and implementation including pricing. It'll be our pleasure