Cosmetic & pharmaceutical product evaluation test

The Chiron System can provide valuable objective insights in the testing of cosmetic & pharmaceutical products. Here's how the CHIRON system can be applied in various products


10/27/20223 min read


When it comes to testing, we are often looking for objective results. Subjectivity is difficult to assess for two reasons: hypothetical bias arising from subjects not giving the true information. The second is the difficulty in calculating the confidence in subject answers. A subject is asked to rate the texture between 0 - 10 but what is the difference between 6 and 7 ? What if the answer is 6.5 ? Subjective methods include taking surveys and questionnaires. Objective methods on the other side are more accurate in telling the whole story and they cover the 'instinctual response' of the subject which is the truest, non-biased form of evaluation. However, objective methods are bulky, require skilled personnel and prohibitively expensive for the data they provide. CHIRON provides an affordable alternative, quick-to-setup design with objective results (see the comparison below)

Why are objective results important ?

  1. Your clients will appreciate the extra information without having to pay a fortune. For them, more data tells more about their product and the more objective the data, the less 'biased' is the overall result.

  2. Your process is improved as you provide more 'insightful' information than your competitors. You do not need to worry about the audience setup, experience monitoring and data analysis/management. Once we work out the experiment, you will receive the comprehensive report which you can attach to your own report.

Our current sensor line-up

For the cosmetic industry, we’re preparing a test, Cosmetic appreciation test, with specially derived tasks to gauge: texture analysis, sensory response, visual evaluation, first touch response, with a survey prompt in between. Inspired by the standard evaluation method by research and testing companies. The goal is to obtain real-time feedback of the experience of the user of the product and each of the device in the Chiron system provide valuable information.

  1. CHIRON PPG System for earlobe or finger. Our propriety hardware and software is designed to provide medical-grade data. With its precise data-set, we can measure the 'baseline' before the treatment/product-use and after to gauge how the person is reacting in real-time.

  2. IR-camera. The Infrared camera provides thermal image/video with an integrated temperature measurement module allowing you to pin-point exactly the temperature at a spot. It is specially important in cosmetic/pharmaceutical to measure the temperature change on the skin after the application of the product.

  3. EEG. The EEG headband allows for frontal lobe brainwave recording allowing us to know how the subject is feeling in terms of focus & attention. Especially important when measuring the 'interest' of the subject towards a specific product in terms of real-time focus scores.

  4. Eye-tracking. The eye-tracking allows us to track the subject iris movement when using a product or undergoing a treatment. The eye-movement can show behaviour patterns in a 'first-person view'.

How can the CHIRON system be integrated in your trials phase ?

We can assist you in designing an effective experiment integrating our monitoring process without 'removing the essence' of the product testing. The goal is to provide a comfortable and private environment for the monitoring sessions. The results should be precise without the need for bulky hardware and complex software. Any instructions can be edited into a video which is shown to the subject. Close-ended questions can be added in survey format to get real-time feedback for iterative improvement during the monitoring session.

You can contact us for more information on how we can collaborate including the pricing range. Currently operating only in Mauritius.